11 Signs He’s Not Headed Toward a Relationship With You

This list, published by Glamour Magazine, takes the insight of a guy named Mike about what he tends to do when he doesn’t plan to end up in a relationship with someone he’s dating.  They include, texting instead of calling, being late, talking to an ex, not meeting his friends and no talk of the future. Others include no PDA, no Facebook references and no planning of dates.

I feel like just saying, “Read ‘em and weep,” but that would be cruel! Even being married, some of these hurt a bit! So instead, I want to give you 3 great relationship words to consider and hope for in your relationship now, or in the future.

1 – Date. You can’t have a relationship without dating. That usually includes hanging out with your friends, and his friends. It means you plan something to do, and he plans things too. And when you are not out, he should call you and ask about your day. Texting takes minimal investment. When you do have plans, he should be on time. It’s a natural thing you do when you care and respect someone.

So ask yourself, “Are we dating or just hanging out?”

2 – Desire. That doesn’t just include sex, for a man that doesn’t take much effort! True desire includes wanting to know you and the people in your life. The desire for you to know the people they love. It should include doing nice things for you, even sacrificially when they have nothing to gain. And no relationships with the Ex.  Just think Carrie and Mr. Big on Sex in the City – why in the world would Aidan let them keep talking?? Desire is behind our actions and is tied directly to what we are feeling in our hearts.

So ask yourself, “Is his desire for me?”

3 – Dream. The dream should include a future and a plan. Pictures and posts appear on Facebook. Calendar dates should matter. I mean even my kids know a week in advance that July 11th means Free Slurpee’s! And of course, touch. He should naturally hold your hand or put his arm around you, even in public. I mean what dreamy movie doesn’t include a knee-weakening kiss in a crowd?

So ask yourself, “When he dreams, am I in it?”

Dream a little dream? No. Dream a BIG dream for your relationship – or the next one!

Read Glamour’s List in detail at: http://lifestyle.msn.com/relationships/staticslideshowglamour.aspx?cp-documentid=26466431&GT1=32092

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