5 things Baby New Year Wants You to Bring to the Delivery Room

Baby New Year has arrived, and he is very excited to meet us all. The only thing is-we can’t bring everything we own into the delivery room (your year) – the hospital staff won’t let us…fire codes and all…So, this year, in order to welcome our Baby New Year, we have been given a list of 5 necessary items to bring with us, leaving everything else at home, with Father Time (and actually, he doesn’t really want your junk left with him, either…maybe you should consider a bonfire or a trip to the city dump…).

Please read the following requests, and pack accordingly.

  1. Gifts.  We all have them. We don’t all use them. Think carefully about the thing that you enjoy doing most, and that comes naturally to you, and consider how you can use that to grow Baby New Year into his healthy, thriving adulthood. You have everything you need. You just have to take it out of your bag and apply it.
  2. Hopes.  Remember what happened to “a dream deferred”?  Bringing that heavy load with you is bulky, causes lag, and prevents others from being able to come near to you. Instead, remember what Sam said to Frodo in The Lord of the Rings: “There’s some good in this world…and it’s worth fighting for.”  Never give up hope.
  3. Work Clothes. Baby New Year is still an infant- he requires LOTS and LOTS of work and attention-he’ll keep you up at night, he’ll need to be bathed and fed, and he’ll even puke on you. But he will grow up, eventually. So, get on your boots and come prepared to work…HARD. It’ll pay off when he grows up!  As Dave Ramsey says, “Luck always shows up while you’re wearing work clothes.”
  4. A Compass. We are surrounded by wisdom, knowledge, and experience, and have a world of information at our fingertips, so use it wisely. You would never go on a hiking trip without navigation and clear direction; don’t try to raise Baby New Year without seeking wisdom, acquiring knowledge, and setting a plan of action.  And write it out, too! Makes it official that way! “Blessed are those who find wisdom, those who gain understanding, for She is more profitable than silver, and yields better returns than gold!”- Proverbs 3:13-14
  5. Open arms. Keep your arms open to embrace Baby New Year. And, as you grow in wisdom and confidence, don’t forget to reach back and share with others your knowledge and success.  When your arms are open, you are able to receive as well as give. And ultimately, that’s what life is all about anyway: giving, receiving, and connecting with each other. Bono was right: we DO get to carry each other.

And don’t forget * leave the rest of the junk behind. If it were important, it would have made the list.

Happy New Year! Be sure to close the door on your way out…

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