War of the Roses.

Ooh, Girl….You KNOW what yesterday was…That one day a year where we ladies think something magical…something unexpected…something…ROMANTIC is required to happen, lest we be the ONLY woman on the planet without a VALENTINE (GASP!). It’s almost like not getting asked to the Prom…minus the overpriced dress and crappy hotel food…We still have to endure the day, watch others receive flowers and chocolate from their considerate (or obedient, whichever the case may be) significant others, and now, thanks to Facebook, witness the prolific romantic displays unfold in various lives of friends and strangers around the world. And to add insult to injury, St. Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday this year, which means that it will be celebrated intermittently throughout the week, and into the weekend, starting last Saturday night. But I am really not bitter.

Seriously, in spite of being extremely happily married to my childhood love, I am throwing myself into the “ain’t nothing happening on V-Day for me” category for one huge reason: I never remember that it’s coming until the night before…and if I don’t remember it, there’s NO WAY my hub’s gonna remember. I WANT to remember. I love LOVE, am an avid fan of romantic gestures and Public Displays of Affection, and think that pink are red are the most passionate color combinations on the wheel…I just can’t remember to go to Target and buy that stuff-those things-the pink and red and heart-y items that say “I LOVE YOU” in that classic St. Valentine’s Day way…

So, for all you lovely ladies out there who are, for whatever the reason, spending the week like me in regard to St. Valentine’s Day, I’ve decided to give a few tips for not just surviving the week, but Thriving this week of Outward Expressions of Love. I always say, if you can’t join ‘em, beat ‘em…

5 ways to THRIVE during St.Valentine’s Week.

  • Keep in mind: Romance is a state of mind. Romance isn’t found only in the heart or actions of another, nor are its intentions strictly sexual. Romance is a gesture that directs our attention to where our passions lie- it has the power to inspire, to nourish, to create…We are surrounded daily by romantic gestures. Make it your goal to seek out things that get your heart pounding…You may be surprised to find a quickened pulse in an ordinary place, and inspiration in the most usual things. For me, that “tall” white cup with the mermaid on it, and the dark roast in it does it every time. It takes me there…
  • Choose a theme song and keep in your heart. This is a very effective practice that I have unknowingly kept for many years- I start my workday everyday with my theme song. It takes my mind to the place that I want to be, and keeps me inspired and motivated to be creative throughout the day. My current theme song is “Best Day of Your Life”, by Katie Herzig. You can borrow it if ya like, but remember-keep your theme song upbeat and motivating. I’ve wasted many a day on sad songs. The Titanic theme song bogged me down for weeks…weeks, I tell ya! But, alas- my heart MUST go on…
  • Dress it up. I know this sounds superficial, but when you are dressed in the manner that makes you feel pretty, you walk taller, hold your head higher, and step lighter. Break out your beautiful scarves, your push-up bra, your glossy lipstick…whatever it is that makes you, you. Wear it well, my dear. It’s ALL you.
  • Do romantic things: take a walk on the wintry streets, with your camera ready to capture the moments; relax in a tub of warm bubbles and a great book; write, paint, or compose a work of art. Heck- when I need a shot of romance, I just get in my car, set my cd selection, turn up the volume, and drive. That’s how this article was created.
  • Buy yourself that box of chocolates and get on with it. With all due respect and sympathy to the brokenhearted (I’ve been there myself, and get teary-eyed just thinking about it),  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the words of THAT BAND THAT I LOVE, MUTEMATH, in the song, All or Nothing: “always know if you’re holding yourself back- don’t slow yourself down anymore.” It also goes on to say that everyone has an hourglass to turn back upside down.  I say, if you are struggling to walk on, determine quickly what is restraining you, cut the anchor, and flip that glass again. If you’re breathing air, you ain’t done yet.

There is nothing more romantic, nothing more inspiring than seeing a woman at rest within. Make peace with that ol’ Saint Val, and embrace the opportunities of romantic inspiration that this week offers…It just might produce the Best Day of Your Life.

Ps…If you absolutely MUST indulge in a little self pity, check out my blog post on how to manufacture a good cry,  http://savvyboheme.com/you-and-me-babe-how-about-it/ , do it, and then, seriously, flip that hourglass again. You got this.


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