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Drab to Fab: Beat Workout Boredom

Common sense tells us that if something is boring, we’re not likely to continue doing it. Think about your favorite class in high school. Chances are, that class was your favorite because the teacher made the content fun and enjoyable. … Continue reading

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Tinder: What isn’t so ‘Hot’ about the Increasingly Popular Dating App

By: Kacy Michel, PhD- Client Services Director, Uptown Women’s Center “Oh I met him on Tinder.” From the spring of 2013 until the present, I have heard an increasing number of my clients and students refer to a dating partner … Continue reading

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The Dangers and Long-term Health Risks of “Natural” Abortions

By: Kacy Michel, PhD- Client Services Director, Uptown Women’s Center  While the ‘natural’ or ‘green’ trend is seen everywhere from soaps to toilet paper to cosmetics, there is a new trend appearing in which women attempt to give themselves so-called … Continue reading

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No Events Currently Scheduled

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Making Peace With Your Past

Whenever I lead a recovery group in post-abortion healing, I tell them about my approach to recovery.  It’s called ‘AAAIH.’   Everyone looks at me with a curious look, then I explain it’s not some kind of insurance.  I ask: What’s … Continue reading

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Silent Sufferers: Recovering From Pain of Abortion

You hear it everyday … TV, radio, internet, newspapers. Forty years after legalization in the United States, abortion remains a hot and divisive issue. But in the wake of the over 55 million abortions having been performed in the United … Continue reading

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