Freshening Up The Look Of Your Home

Spring is here, which means in addition to finding the best patch of bluebonnets to take photos, you may also be looking to freshen up the look of your home.  Lily Gahagan, contributing writer for Houzz recently highlighted many great do-it-yourself projects in her article, “Spruce Up the House with 50 Clever DIY Projects.”  I loved so many of the projects that she found and thought I would highlight my top five favorites for you to consider doing in your own home.

The first project that caught my eye was this modular bookcase made out of salvaged drawers.

Monica from “Crafty Nest” hit the nail on the head when she discovered a way to repurpose these mismatched drawers that she picked up from freecycle.  Check out her wonderful tutorial to create your own modular bookcase from drawers.  This is a great way to get organized for Spring, too!

The next project I want to share with you is for all of you pet lovers out there. This vintage suitcase turned chic pet bed is awesome!  If you’re not afraid of using a drill and have a little four-legged friend then this may be the project for you.  Find out more details at Houzz.

The third project I want to show you is for all of you upcycle lovers, which includes me, of course!  If you love to “be green” then this art made from toilet paper rolls will put a smile on your face.

This diy project is great for kids of all ages.  I hope to make one with my two boys in the near future.  For steps to this tutorial check out Growing Up Creative.

The fourth project I would like to share with you is the pouf, and no, I am not talking about everyone’s hair from the 80s.  I mean this kind of pouf:

If you know how to knit then this would be a great project for you, seeing as these poufs are all the rage right now in home décor.  I do not know the first thing about knitting, but I do know how to link you to a website that will give you the down low on all the glorious steps to make this little seat.  Just click here.

The final project I wanted to highlight for you is this cool piece of diy art, let’s call it “Fish Scale Art.”

I have the perfect spot in my master bedroom for a piece like this.  Now to find the time to trace, then cut out and glue 400 circles to create it.  I think it would be worth missing a few hours of sleep, though, don‘t you?  To find out the details on this tutorial check out “Signed by Tina.”

I hope that you’ve enjoyed these top five do-it-yourself projects that I chose from Houzz’s “Spruce Up the House with 50 Clever DIY Projects.”  Be sure to check out the other fabulous projects for your home inspiration.

Happy Creating!


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