Get Junk Out of Your Trunk

Spring cleaning season may nearly be over, but don’t let that be an excuse to allow piles of “stuff” in your home to accumulate until next March. In “Weekend Makeover,” by Don Aslettt, several tips are given on how to declutter and recapture space in your home, giving you the freedom to “move” in your house and in your soul. Clutter imprisons not only your house, but your mind and heart as you are weighed down by the ever-increasing load of gadgets, books, clothes, furniture, gifts, appliances, etc.

The author discusses the “power of a weekend” and suggests that we plan to use one Friday, Saturday and Sunday to dejunk our homes, one cabinet, one closet, one room at a time. To begin this process, identity areas to be decluttered and then prepare by gathering supplies, like garbage bags and boxes. Label them keep, give away, sell, trash. Then, pick your first space to tackle and get started!

If you have trouble determining trash from treasure in your home, then ask yourself these questions (Weekend Makeover, p.90):

Will it enhance the quality of your life now or in the future?

It’s there…do you really use it?

Does it, will it fit anymore? Or have you outgrown it?

Do you really have a place or space for it?

Does owning it bless, inspire and expand you — does it love you back?

I believe the biggest factor in figuring out what to keep and what to get rid of is whether or not it blesses or enhances your life. If it chokes the life out of you or depresses or overwhelms you, out it goes!

Is there an area in your home that could use a little weekend makeover? Then grab your trash bag and get to work!

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