Granddaddy, Dr. Phil, and Pregnancy

I really didn’t know my Granddaddy until I was an adult.  I mean, I knew him as a child and teenager, but I didn’t really know him until adulthood when I realized that we are not guaranteed a tomorrow this side of Heaven, and I didn’t want anything to happen to him (or me) before I really knew him.

 So, after my first child was born, I would call Granddaddy most Tuesday nights to see if he wanted to “hang out” on Wednesday, which consisted of eating pancakes together, running errands, drinking sodas from Sonic, and watching TV.  Even though I didn’t pick him up until 9:30 on Wednesday mornings, he would be up at the crack of dawn getting ready to go.  Sometimes he would even eat a pre-breakfast before we ate breakfast together because, by the time we got to the restaurant at 10:15’ish, he was almost ready for lunch.  “Breakfast” to him was what you eat before the sun comes up.  Being a hard-working man his whole life, “sleeping in” was not in his vocabulary.

 When I would take Granddaddy back home, I would walk him inside and ask what he was doing that afternoon.  He almost always said, with a smile on his face, that he was going to watch Dr. Phil.  Dr. Phil knew a lot about the world, according to Granddaddy.  Oftentimes at breakfast, I would hear what Dr. Phil had discussed on yesterday’s show, and Granddaddy always agreed with what Dr. Phil had said.

 Granddaddy passed away in my care at my house a little over two years ago.

 So, when I was looking for an article related to facts and myths about pregnancy, particularly pertaining to healthy living, and stumbled across an article by Dr. Phil, I had to take a closer look.  You can scan it here:

 Because pregnancy has been around since the Garden of Eden, there are thousands of years of wives’ tales, many of which women hear whether they want to or not from family, friends, and perfect strangers throughout their pregnancy.

 During both of my pregnancies, I would intentionally stay away from eating pickles in public because, thanks to my husband’s joking,  I thought everybody was looking at me and assuming Dr. Phil’s first myth – that pregnant women crave pickles (and ice cream).  The truth here is that ladies who are expecting crave that in which their bodies are lacking and, therefore, needing.  Pickles have salt, and many pregnant women need more sodium in their diets.  I craved hamburgers during my first pregnancy.  At that time in my life, I was not eating red meat, so I’m sure my body was telling me that I needed a good burger every now and then, much to my husband’s delight!  Mustard, which aids in digestion, was first trimester desire the next time around.  So, if you crave it, eat it (with commonsense limits and limitations).

 Dr. Phil’s third myth is that pregnancy can be so much fun because the mommy-to-be is eating for two!  That means two helpings of bacon at breakfast, four Hot Pockets instead of two at lunch time, and double dessert after supper – WRONG!  Just like the first myth, this myth is based in fact – the fact is that fifty years ago, women did need to eat for two because women, in general, ate less and more healthily to begin with.  Today, many of us (including me) eat for two even when not pregnant.  Although pre-pregnancy weight is certainly a factor, there’s no set weight gain for pregnancy as long as a woman is eating properly.  Sorry to burst your bubble!

 Dr. Phil’s eighth point is fact rather than myth – that pregnant ladies shouldn’t carry heavy items, with “heavy” defined as over 25 pounds.  While this is true, women who lift weights before pregnancy can, within reason and within doctors’ advice, continue to lift during pregnancy.  Since the general no-no rule is over 25 pounds, try doing less weight with longer reps.  Try selecting a weight that you can maintain for three minutes.  Now, if your purse, like mine, is pretty close to 25 pounds, go ahead and use pregnancy as an excuse to clean it out and get organized.  You’ll have the infant and toddler years to carry a huge bag, so enjoy just carrying the essentials while pregnant.  Your back will thank you.

 You’ll hear earfuls of advice daily while pregnant, so do some research to see what is myth and what is in fact, fact.  Dr. Phil (and Granddaddy) would be proud!

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