Get iFit with iPhone in 2013!

Did you find a new or improved iPhone under the tree this year? Are you trying to find ways to use your iPhone to help accomplish that exercise resolution? Not only can we stay connected, stay informed, and stay entertained with our cellular devices, but we can also STAY fit with the help of an array of free or nearly-free apps.  So, the next time you’re sitting at red light (or, better, sitting at home), download a few of these:

-          BMI Calculator: Weight alone is not an accurate indicator of whether a person is underweight, average, or overweight – height must be taken into account.  Quickly calculate and understand your body mass index with this free app.

-          Nike Boom: Set your workout time and indicate how long you want to spend on your warm up and cool down.  Then, select your playlist from your own music library and you’re ready to start.  Voices of real athletes and coaches offer motivation as you work.

-          Nike Training Club: This free app gives you your own personal trainer with over 60 custom-built workouts set to your own music and goals.  Access step-by-step instructions and video demos for every drill.  Track your workout history and training progress.  You can even challenge a friend by sharing your workout status on Facebook or Twitter.

-          Butt Workout: Sometimes all it takes to get you motivated at the gym is making a list in advance of what exercises you are going to try.  This app does the work for you by providing a list of effective gluteus exercises along with a video and written description for each exercise.

-          Women’s Health – Amazing Abs: Browse through individual exercises that target all major muscle groups.  A great way help switch up your workout.

-          SimGym: Another spot to find a list of exercises, sorted by muscle group.

-          iheartradio: Tired of listening to the soles of your shoes hit the belt on the treadmill?  Try this app for free access to any radio station…and it’s live!

-          Pandora: Tired of listening to the rubber of your treadmill-neighbor’s squeaky shoes hit the belt?  This free app allows you to set your own “radio station” around a particular artist or style of music.  Pandora selects and plays songs that are related to that artist or style of music.  You have the option of giving a thumbs up or a thumbs down for each song.  Pandora then selects the next song based on your likes and dislikes.

-          And, if you find yourself running through those yellow and red lights to get to the hospital because your contractions are two minutes apart, it’s probably too late to download this app, but if you’re in the beginning stages of labor, this free app might come in handy.  It’s called CtxTimer, and it displays the time since your last contraction, your 20-minute and 60-minute averages, and a total count from the last 24 hours.  No more “ummms” when the triage nurse asks for your history over the past 24 hours.

Some day in the future, our iPhones (or other cellular devices) might be able to do the workout for us, but until then, put your device to work for you by checking out the fitness apps available for download.  Stay connected, stay motivated, and stay iFit.  

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