Making Peace With Your Past

Whenever I lead a recovery group in post-abortion healing, I tell them about my approach to recovery.  It’s called ‘AAAIH.’   Everyone looks at me with a curious look, then I explain it’s not some kind of insurance.  I ask:

  • What’s your Awareness level?
  • What are you Afraid of?
  • What are you Angry about?
  • Why are you Isolating yourself?
  • What are you Hiding?

It takes weeks (often longer) to peel away layers of fear, anger, resentment, guilt and bitterness built up over years.  It’s hard work to make peace with your past, but I’ve never ever had anyone say it wasn’t worth it.

Guest Blogger Debby Efurd is Director of Post-Abortion Support for Involved for Life, Inc., Dallas, Texas (Downtown Pregnancy Center, Uptown Women’s Center, Sonograms-On-Site), leading post-abortion Bible studies and facilitator training. You can read more at

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