Roughing It

As I watch my husband prepare for an elk hunting trip to the Rockies, I am reminded of how different men and women are.  He has spent countless hours meticulously researching and purchasing a slew of gear that will help him to “rough it” for a full week.  He will be many miles away from a vehicle, cell phone, potty, or shower.  He will eat astronaut food and purify his own water from a stream.  I have not and will not add up the receipts for all this gear, but I am sure that this trip, which he says is a sacrifice on his part to provide “nourishment” for our family, is costing a pretty penny.  I haven’t mentioned to him that he only brought home ONE deer out of five years of leasing land out in west Texas, so his odds of returning home with an elk after only seven days aren’t very high.  But, I am glad that he is going, as I know that he is a man created in God’s image, and, as author John Eldredge encourages, my elk hunter must display “authentic masculinity” (

While God created the men to be dangerous and “wild at heart” to hunt the elk and deer to provide nourishment for the family, it’s the women who are blessed to have within our bodies the safest place on earth – the womb.  After nine months of being with child (which is about the amount of time that my husband has planned and purchased for his trip), the joy of childbirth begins.  As I have written several times before, it is of such benefit to be physically prepared in order to have a greater likelihood of an easy childbirth and a speedy recovery.

About two months ago, I stumbled upon a relatively new piece of exercise equipment that is excellent, maybe even perfect, for pregnant and post-natal women.  It’s called TRX Suspension Training, which stands for Total Body Resistance Exercise.  The system/device weighs less than two pounds, is portable, and can be set up anywhere – at home, at work, at the gym, outside.  TRX uses one’s own body weight and gravity to build strength.  Because it is one’s own body weight that is being used, it is appropriate for people at all levels of fitness.  TRX also allows the user to quickly move from one exercise to the next without having to switch out weights or move to a different location in the gym, so it’s a much more time-effective workout, something that is of great value to mommies.  One of the reasons why it’s great for women who are expecting is that it more closely mirrors everyday movements and, thus, reduces the likelihood of injury when compared to traditional weight training, which does not mimic natural movements.  And, with the old exercise room being converted into the new nursery, mommies-to-be can work out with TRX using just a few square yards of space.  Almost every exercise done on TRX also works the core (the pelvis, abs, chest, and back), and having a strong core is of great value for birthing a child. 

Check it out here ( or do a search for TRX on YouTube to learn more.  This system/device can be purchased to be used at home, or some gyms have TRX setups already in place.

So, while my elk hunter spends a week in the wild of God’s creation, you can find me at my TRX station at the gym.  And, if the plumbing is out in the restroom again this week, I’ll be “roughing it,” too.

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