What are you cutting out of your Diet?

I have a few friends giving things up now that bathing suits are appearing in all those catalogues that litter the mailbox. Meat, Coke, chocolate. I am a little late getting into the pre-swim season, but starting April 1st I was planning to set the clock for an hour earlier in the morning for some exercise. Then, I came across an article about letting go of shame. Now there’s something so many of us need to cut out of our emotional diet.

In the article, Shame – Healing Old Wounds Through Current Relationships by Cynthia W. Lubow, the author gives examples of coping mechanisms we use to hide our shame. In it she says:

Coping mechanisms include: perfectionism, ragefulness, acting as if one is invisible to others, contemptuousness, a need for power, blaming, abuse of substances, people pleasing, compulsive sex, eating, need for control, or busyness, self-hate, measuring people as better or worse than us, obsessing, pushing people away, and many others.

We need to scan the list for habits in our own life that we may use like bathing suit ‘cover ups’ to hide our shame. These habits keep us from healthy relationships with others and ourselves. Even better, the article tells us that current healthy relationships can heal old wounds!

Whatever your past regrets or inflicted wounds, please consider the same. We often work on getting rid of the guilt, but hold onto the shame. We can forgive the ‘event’ but keep on punishing ourselves for it. Ask a counselor or a trusted friend for help. Through their unconditional love and acceptance, you can cut shame out of your diet for good!

To read the entire article go to: http://EzineArticles.com/3489467

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